CRICKET-A gentleman’s game?

March 2018 was full of action packed cricket. The Nidahas Trophy was full of controversies. The Naagin dance, the dressing room which was destroyed and Shakib Al Hasan almost calling off his players, everything was a disaster for the Sri Lankan cricket association. The recent ball tampering issue which involved two of the greatest Australian batsmen was a shock to the whole cricketing world. After they were caught on camera Smith and Bancroft confessed that they tried to tamper the ball to gain advantage. They were already in a bad position. Markram and Ab de Villiers were batting without having any problems. Why cheat? They could have just bowled with more confidence and should have done some more hardwork to get them out. Losing 1 match wouldn’t have made such a difference than cheating and still ending up losing. Smith and Warner were handed a year ban by the Australian cricket board. They got what they deserved. Smith shed tears while apologising to the Australian fans and those who looked upto him as an idol. He failed many budding cricketers as he lost the respect. Whenever you are playing a game you must respect the opponent and the spirit of the game. Many newspapers posted pictures of Smith and the caption of the photo was “CHEAT”. He was escorted to the airport by 8 or 9 policemen and everyone else at the airport were shouting “cheats”.

To all the upcoming cricketers or sportsmen, do not disrespect your opponent and the game. If you have the talent and the potential, use all of it and try to win. Do not go off limits to win. There is nothing wrong in losing. Accept the loss, learn from it and move on. Perform your best in the next game. Great players like Hashim Amla, Ab de Villiers, MS Dhoni, Rahul Dravid etc do not disrespect the game or the opponent. They have very less haters. You just can’t hate them. They stay calm under pressure and even if they are on the losing side, they accept it and move on. Cricket is a beautiful game. Many legends of the game have inspired people. Sometimes your emotions take control of yourself and you lose your mind. Not everyone can control their emotions. Try to control them as far as possible even in daily life. It might save a fight with a close friend or a family member. The main thing which you can learn from these legends is to control yourself no matter what. If these things continue to happen then the haters of the game will increase and the game will no longer be a gentleman’s game.


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